Polo shirt features

- Oct 09, 2018 -

As one of the classic legends in the history of casual wear, POLO shirts have always enjoyed a high share in the wardrobe of Western men. Because it's not as casual as a collarless T-shirt, and not as rigid as a shirt, it's perfect for wearing in commercial entertainment. Although the style of the POLO shirt has not changed much since its birth, the bright, bright color, the sweat-absorbent texture, and the casual style make it last forever on the fashion stage.

POLO shirt: thin, feminine

Some Chinese people think that POLO shirts are "old shirts" and middle-aged people over 40 years old wear them. I don't know, the POLO shirt is not only a young, sporty dress, but also a gentleman's taste. Under the "collective cooperation" of the European and American clothing brands, the POLO shirt has already given a new brilliance. Men's clothing is becoming more and more popular with "skinny" feeling, and most designers are striving to "cut" the skinny figure with perfect cut. What makes us amazing is that the tight-fitting POLO shirt, pencil pants and canvas shoes can be so sexy.

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