Short sleeve raw material

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Short-sleeved materials are widely used, generally cotton, hemp, wool, silk, chemical fiber and blended fabrics, especially pure cotton, hemp or hemp cotton blend, preferably gas, soft, comfortable, cool, sweat-absorbing, heat-dissipating and so on. Short sleeves are often knitwear, but as the needs of consumers continue to change, design and production are also increasingly refurbished. Therefore, short sleeves made of woven fabrics have also appeared on the market, becoming a new member of the short-sleeved family. This short sleeve often uses ribbed collar or ribbed sleeves, ribbed hem, and embellished with machine embroidery and trademarks. It not only reflects the uniqueness of the designer, but also makes the short sleeves unique and adds beauty. Among the woven short-sleeved fabrics, silk fabrics that are light, soft, and smooth are preferred, and are particularly comfortable to wear. The short sleeves made of polyester silk or washed nylon fabrics, which are made of simulated silk, are complemented by inlays, which add special style and artistic charm to the short sleeves and are loved by young men and women. In addition, there is Fuchunfang, which is interwoven with rayon and rayon. 

The specially treated peach skin polyester silk, warp silk and silk are all ideal fabrics for short sleeves. Fabrics are the darling of short-sleeved fabrics. It has the characteristics of being natural, relaxed, comfortable, sweat-absorbing, breathable, and non-allergic to the skin. It has the largest proportion in short sleeves and satisfies the psychological requirements of returning to nature and advocating nature.

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