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- Oct 09, 2018 -

Hand-knitted weaving can be said to have a long history in China, but it was first woven with a needle and a line. It was only gradually developed in the 1980s.

It was woven with a weaving machine. At that time, there was only a host of pandas. At that time, it was also a very good sweater knitting machine. Then China imported knitting machines, such as brothers, silver whistle cards, and Swiss 80S. Some companies in China are also optimistic about the large market of knitting machines, and then there are a number of knitting machine manufacturers, but most of them are modeled on Japanese machines, such as the Shanghai-made Shenfeng brand and the red flag horse-made red flag horse. It is modeled after the Japanese-made brother brand machine, as well as the plum flower brand produced in Wuhan and the Tianqin brand produced in Wenzhou. It is produced in accordance with the Japanese silver whistle brand, and the above-mentioned brand machines made in Japan and the above-mentioned brands made in Japan respectively. Compared with the machine, the function is the same, the structure is the same, and the accessories are interchangeable. At the same time, there are standard, Sanxiang, Huamei and other knitting machines successively produced, which has played a role in the development of the knitting industry. Great role.

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