Sweater weaving

- Oct 09, 2018 -

The history of sweater weaving is very long. Humans use leaves and hides to cover their bodies in their primitive life. They know how to fish in the fishing and pastoral life.

With the technique of weaving, with the evolution of civilization and the invention of science and technology, human beings not only make full use of natural fibers such as animals and plants, but also weave objects for life. More developed a variety of chemical fibers, mineral fibers, making human life more comfortable and convenient. Therefore, the history of weaving can be said to be a history of the development of human civilization and technology.

From the weaving works of various nationalities, it is found that many works start from the practical function, but with the pursuit of human beauty, weaving has surpassed the practical category and become the crystallization of human art. Or simple and rough, or exquisite and gorgeous, showing a gorgeous face.

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