Weaving technique

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Hand-knitted art is almost a woman's world. This is even more evident in the cultivation of men and women, which has a long history and originated from the people and serves the world. Especially in the new century, new science, new technology, and new economy are developing at a rapid pace. Today, people's lives are full of food and clothing. People are pursuing the beauty of harmony and nature, the beauty of comfort and health.

Whether it is the news media or real life, it is not difficult to see that from the national leaders to TV people and folks, almost everyone has a few or even dozens of sweaters, that is, it is already in people's lives. It is universal and widespread, and the number is enormous. However, as far as its weaving method is concerned, the almost universal color is the traditional weaving method of the right hand hanging line.

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