Polo Shirt Development

- Oct 09, 2018 -


Jersey shirt

Polo shirts originated in the 19th century. Originally woven from worsted wool, it was originally called Jersey Shirt (also synonymous with jersey) because it was woven on Jersey Island in the UK. It is used for football, boating and other sports. Why is this jersey into polo, then it is necessary to introduce the development history of Polo:


British polo shirt

Polo should originate in China during the Tang Emperor Taizong period and spread to the West in the following centuries. Its name comes from India. In India, people play a wooden ball called Pulu in Tibetan. Later, the British as Indian occupiers brought the movement back to Great Britain.

In the Victorian era, the Polo sports suit included: white flannel trousers, a white tennis sweater (to cause sweating) and a neat white shirt with a neckline (later buttoned the shirt for the neckline)

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