Shirt Development

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Shirts are generally worn on the surface and have a variety of wearing styles, often only used as a supporting role. The role of shirts, from lingerie to blouses, dates back to the late 1600s when men's clothing appeared in blouses and vests. The shirt is worn under the vest and in the middle of the top, which is common in modern suit styles. It can also be said that the style in which the collar and cuffs are exposed from the top is established at this time.

After entering the 1700s, shirts with thick and comfortable waist and sleeves began to appear. You can see the open front part of the shirt and the decorative lace ruffle trim on the chest. The cuffs are also ruffled, and the wrists are covered with lace on the ruffles. This is the most authentic aristocratic dress at the time.

After the top and vest were fixed, the presence of the shirt became very thin. But the upper class has given him new meaning. Keeping the shirt clean and wearing a white shirt is considered a new status symbol.

"Do not use perfume on shirts, have a lot of fine cotton shirts. Wash clothes in rural cottages with pure flowing water and air" became the aesthetic declaration of gentlemen. This is a big revolution for shirts immersed in perfume and body odor. Whether you have a variety of shirts, whether you are willing to spend money on shirts, and whether to keep your shirts clean is also the main basis for judging their social status.

The shirt (length 94cm, width 71cm) made in 1850 is about 2cm in width and small in the collar. For the front and rear of the small Tucker, the center (decorative buckle) 3, cuffs double cuffs. The door is very hard pulp. The buttons are as suitable for tacks as they are, and there are also gemstone decorations.

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