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- Oct 09, 2018 -

Casual shirts are used in matching blazers. There are no rules for the use of fabrics. The styles are unchanged on the traditional basis or slightly changed in design. The color patterns are extremely free. Casual shirts and suits are worn with a tie to see your own preferences and matching effects. In addition, as a special rule, the dark, shiny, casual shirt fabric has been loved by the performing artists, often used by actors and designers to match suits for formal occasions. If the dark shirt is tailored, the suit can not only maintain the gentleman's style, but also be easy and handsome, and gradually become a young casual evening dress style with some tastes.

As the name suggests, home shirts are worn at home and on the walk, so the styles are mostly loose American styles, and the stripes and plaids on the colors can be widely used. Although the fabric is pure cotton pure wool, the texture is comfortable, but because of its home use, it does not pay too much attention to high quality or special effects. Usually matched with sweaters and casual pants. Because the college's dressing atmosphere is extremely relaxed, the home-style shirts are also the daily activities of many college students and professors. When paired with a velvet suit or other non-dressing suits, the suit is called a "suit jacket."

The holiday shirts are mostly made of light pure cotton or silk fabrics. The style is completely unbound, the cut is more free, and the collar and cuffs are not lining. Influenced by the colonial culture and tropical holiday, holiday shirts are generally purely hemp, and can be paired with the same texture of holiday suits and trousers, as well as knitwear.

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